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In honor of Canada Day, a video about Akira.

2014-07-01 21:30:00  ยท  Max Scoville

Because "Canada" sounds like "Kaneda"

Today is Canada day. And since "Canada" sounds kind of, sort of like "Kaneda," the hero of Otomo Katsuhiro's groundbreaking cyberpunk manga-turned-anime Akira, that's reason enough for me to put on my favorite red jacket and talk about one of his favorite pieces of media ever... Japanese, Canadian, or otherwise.

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All about Akira:

The Movie
The Comic

The Games:
The Famicom Game
The Amiga Game
The Playstation 2 Game
The Cancelled Sega and Super Nintendo Games 

The Music:
Geinoh Yamashirogumi

Kanye West "Stronger"
M83 "Midnight City"
M83 "Reunion"
M83 "Wait"

Other Movies:
Blade Runner



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