In 19 days Kratos is going to kill us all!

Okay, that was being a little dramatic. Sorry. It’s just, I don’t know how to feel about this more than mysterious Web site that appears to be promoting some sort of God of War type game, maybe movie, er, handheld, no it has to be a new game/spin-off, um, thing. My head hurts.

The site simply features a countdown clock, a (bad ass) picture of Kratos, fire, and a field. My Lost sensibilities tell me this all means something, but my actual brain is just confused.

What is this “Island of Rhodes?” Where does that path lead? Why … oh, who am I kidding? I have no idea what this sh*t is about, but it makes me happy. And it’s cool.

Just to be safe, though, I am locking my door come early April.

Any thoughts on what this all could mean? Is it strange that I am excited about buying/downloading/watching it already?

Chad Concelmo