Immersion getting sued by Microsoft – now ain’t that a bitch?

If you haven’t heard the news by now and you want your giggle of the day, then allow me to help you out. Immersion, the company of assholes who filed suit against Microsoft and Sony over console controllers which saw MS reach a settlement in 2003 and Sony declare rumble a last generation feature in 2007 (before changing its mind) is about to get a swift dose of karmic retribution as the ‘Soft confirms it has begun its own lawsuit against Immersion. S’what ya get, bitch!

Microsoft gave Immersion $26 million to license its technology, as well as a stake in the company, but now the leathery winged demons in Bill Gates’ dark tower have chosen their moment to exact a blood curdling revenge – and you have to believe that blood shall be curdled. The official word from Microsoft Associate General Counsel Steve Aeschbacher is thus:

“We entered into a binding licensing agreement with Immersion and are seeking to have that agreement honored … Microsoft licenses technology both in and out and relies on these agreements to be honored and enforced. Our request to the court is that all companies and industry partners should play by the same rules and that the binding agreement we signed with Immersion be honored.”

Immersion brought this on themselves when they sued Microsoft. Love them or hate them, the guys at MS are satanic, like all successful businessmen need to be and you do not take them to court, even if you have a legitimate case. Would I sue Microsoft? Heck no, I wouldn’t sue Sony or Nintendo either. They would find and rape me eventually, possibly with an undisclosed raping device that they licensed from Immersion. 

As for the exact reason why Microsoft is striking back against the high priests of rumble, it would seem that Microsoft had agreed with Immersion that the former would receive a payment should the latter make agreements with Sony. Agreements have been made, but Microsoft clearly hasn’t been satisfied. Whatever the official line, I won’t be able to shake off the idea that MS has just been waiting to do this for years.

[If you guessed our tipster was Burling, no prizes for you]

James Stephanie Sterling