IGN’s Casamassina has a secret

IGN’s resident Nintendo commando Matt Cassamassina pulled a Greybush on his blog on friday — I mean, of course, telling everybody that he has key information that would rock yo’ world, y’know, if we was only able to spill it. Mind, the Greybush is a fundamentally different maneuver than the Linde, which — well, you know.

There’s some shady stuff goin’ down, kids; stuff so shady I created an ill-fated reference to a forgotten Conan segment just to express it. Matt dropped the bomb Friday that he has bombs to drop, but can’t, because Nintendo would drop bombs on him. Since that sentence makes virtually no sense, witness the following quote from his blog:

There are some potentially crazy-awesome games coming down the pipeline for Wii, by the way. You guys have no idea. I know that’s vague — has to be, but I’ve seen some stuff that you simply have no idea even exists and frankly, if you did, you’d flip out. Comments like these have a way of backfiring on me and i’m sure some people will be annoyed that I’ve even brought up, since I’m unable to give even a hint about the projects in question. Others will undoubtedly say that I’m merely making crap up because there’s no way anybody can disprove statements that are intentionally so unrevealing. But whatev. I know that if I was in your position, I’d be happy just to know that some very cool, unexpected stuff is brewing somewhere way behind-the-scenes.

Happy? Not quite, Matt. I love my Wii and I’m having a great time with it, but once I’ve finished with the current stock of games — what then? Sure, I’ll be the first to acknowledge the fact that the first year of a console’s existence tends to be the slowest. But if developers (particularly Nintendo and their illustrious and legendary in-house development studios) have something up their sleeve, now is the time to tell us about it. No amount of “oh god guys you have no idea seriously” is going to make the wait any easier. We’re gnashing our teeth! Slide us an announcement or two, already!


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