If this trailer doesn’t sell you on Resident Evil 5, nothing will

Here it is, folks: the Resident Evil 5 trailer to end all Resident Evil 5 trailers. For the first time, the game’s story is really hit hard, which means there are sizable spoilers involved. In fact, the video is almost like a mini plot summary, as narrated by the always badass Albert Wesker.

If you don’t mind seeing a few of RE5‘s later areas, a couple of bosses, and some characters that haven’t been shown heavily until now, I strongly advise you to hit the jump for the trailer. It’ll do wonders for your proverbial excitement meter, trust me.

Capcom also sent over a few enemy renders, as seen in the gallery below. Again, shield those eyes of yours if you want Resident Evil 5 to be a complete surprise come March 13.

Epic music is … epic.

Jordan Devore
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