Ideazon keyboard and mouse contest over: weiners announced


Well, it’s time to end the Ideazon keyboard and mouse contest. We had plenty of awesome entries in the contest, and so we’ve collected some of the best in the gallery down below. I’d really like to thank all those who entered, as well as Ideazon for sponsoring this contest. I’d like to congratulate Vesty for winning the contest! You’ll be winning a MERC keyboard, a Reaper gaming mouse, and a FragMat mousepad.

The second place winner was Ha-Puken, who will be winning a Fang gamepad, while third place was jayeugene, who will be getting a Reaper gaming mouse and a FragMat mousepad. Be sure to check out Ha-Puken and jayeugene’s entries below, as well as the gallery of some of the favorite entries.

All the winners, please send your addresses to brad[at], and we’ll send off your prizes!