Id Software applauds Apple’s recent efforts into gaming

Todd Hollenshead, CEO for id Software, recently sat down with kikizo. Among the smattering of topics covered, Hollenshead stopped to congratulate Apple on its newest push for Macintosh games and their partnership with EA. In fact, he even went on to say that developing for the Macintosh platform was getting easier because of the Intel chips and lack of crazy Apple-only “benchmarks.”

But if Steve had games on his show; not only did he give time to id, he gave time to EA, and I do think that it demonstrates at least a commitment at a high level to sharing the platform’s face, if you will, with games.

…[we’re] not having to deal with this weird Power PC architecture; [Apple now has] Intel chips and all that stuff, and it does make it a whole lot easier for us to work with it. I don’t think that they’re hamstrung at a performance level – they don’t have to create these weird Apple-only benchmarks.

This was all in reference to Valve executive Gabe Newell’s comments on the Apple platform, who cited that the company was changing their stance on games entirely too much to work with. Hollenshead agreed with the sentiment, but then added the above remarks to demonstrate a renewed faith. Nonetheless, he also showed off Rage actually performing on a Macintosh, which speaks louder than words.

The continuing development of id’s Rage on the Macintosh platform should excite any Apple enthusiast. As a Macintosh owner myself, I get tired of just citing Blizzard as the only real saving grace. Hopefully Jobs has made enough of an impression on every prospective publisher to further warrant a real collection of relevant titles on the Macintosh.


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