Hydrophobia dev teasing upcoming announcement

Today Hydrophobia developer Dark Energy Digital is teasing an upcoming announcement, which we can expect this Monday. What could it be? We’ll have to wait, but it seems to be a response to criticism of the XBLA title, with some speculating it could be a “revamp” or an update.

Now look, our reviewer wasn’t a fan of the title, and that’s well-documented. It seems like the developer was listening, though.

“We’d like to thank everybody who has taken the time to produce feedback on our game,” writes Dark Energy creative director Pete Jones. “We’ve poured over the data from community feedback and analyzed eveyr review, comment or blog we could find.”

“There is no point in listening unless we are prepared to act,” he adds. “We have the purest of motivations and we will be announcing our detailed response at 11am GMT on Monday, so we’ll be sending a press release your way then.”

Definitely looking forward to it, so we’ll keep you updated. Did you agree with Jim Sterling’s assessment of Hydrophobia? What would you like to see changed, and what can stay the same?

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Nick Chester