Hustle Kings receiving PS Move and 3D support

Hustle Kings is one of the finest pool simulators I’ve ever played and certainly the best console billiards experience you can have today. But the strongest criticism I can levy upon any game of its type is that there’s simply no replacement for having a cue in your hand. VooFoo Games, the makers of Hustle Kings, are going to try and break that barrier with a free update this week adding support for the PlayStation Move controller.

With the attention to detail that the VooFoo team put into the game, I’m confident that the Move controls will work well. Will they be an adequate replacement for a cue? Doubtful, but I’m a stickler when it comes to experiences I can tangibly have being represented in digital form.

In addition to the Move controller support, Hustle Kings is also getting support for 3D visuals this week and VooFoo has announced downloadable content — including new game modes — with the upcoming Carom & U.K. Billiards pack.

Hustle Kings – On the Move and More! [PlayStation Blog]

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