How to find the Decidueye Tera Raid in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

The newest 7-Star raid is here

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet took a little raid detour these past few weeks. First, we had the unorthodox Pikachu event to celebrate Pokemon day. Then we had the 5-Star Walking Wake and Iron Leaves events run for two weeks straight (which will return in the near future). Now we’re back to business as usual, with a fierce 7-Star encounter against the final evolution of a previous game’s starter.

Let’s go over how to unlock and subsequently find Decidueye.

Here are when the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Decidueye events start

  • March 17 – March 19, 2023
  • March 24 – March 26, 2023

Decidueye will only appear during these two weekends.

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Make sure you have high-end raids unlocked

Naturally, if you’re looking to challenge a 7-Star Raid, you should be able to cleanly defeat 6-Star raids. To unlock these, make sure you’ve completed all the core story paths and watched the credits roll after The Way Home story concludes. From here, you’ll need to finish the post-game quests that immediately unlock. After fighting a handful of raids with a 4-Star difficulty minimum, 7-Star raids will be available on the overworld and via online play while they are active.

Check out our detailed guide for unlocking high-end raids.

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Locate the Decidueye raid den on the main map

With these prerequisites behind you, 7-Star Raids will finally appear on your map. Look for a dark flashing Flying-Type icon to locate Decidueye. Decidueye will always sport a Flying Tera Type, which should streamline both finding the encounter and preparing for it. If it does not appear, go into your main menu and press the L button to connect to the internet.

You can choose to either fight Decidueye with a group of CPU companions or let other players enter your lobby. Joining other players is highly recommended unless you’ve discovered a solo-viable strategy for the fight. Make sure to bring a level 100 Pokemon with maxed EVs and IVs to help your allies.

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Search for a Decidueye Raid if one isn’t available!

If you want to farm this encounter for the sweet loot that it drops, you’ll want to join other rooms online. This is fortunately a simple process.

Connect to the internet, then select the Poke Portal in the main menu. Select Tera Raid Battle, then search for a silhouette of Decidueye. The card will be yellow with seven blue stars, so you can’t miss it. Many people will be running this event while it’s live, so connecting to a room may take a minute. If your connection fails, just try again until it works.

If no Decidueye raids show up, wait for the “check for new postings” sign to light up on the bottom right side of the screen. Press X and hopefully a Greninja card will appear. If not, you’ll have to wait a minute or two for the check for new postings prompt to appear again.

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