How to complete Gather Personal Effects for Craig in Fallout 76

How to complete Gather Personal Effects for Craig in Fallout 76

Welcome to the Skyline Valley

The newest Fallout 76 update, Skyline Valley, introduced new quests. One main quest involves searching for the friends of a man named Craig. Sadly, all his friends are dead, and you’re tasked with collecting their belongings. Here’s how to complete Gather Personal Effects for Craig in Fallout 76 Skyline Valley.

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Where to Gather Personal Effects for Into Lands Unknown quest
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How to Gather Personal Effects for Craig during the Into Lands Unknown quest

To gather personal effects for Craig in Fallout 76 during the “Into Lands Unknown” quest, speak with Craig, then collect Miles’ Hat at Makeout Point, Rob’s Journal in the tunnel south of Makeout Point, and Rebecca’s Holotags at Dark Hollow Manor, signaling a flare at each location.

First, you need to speak with Craig who can be found at the entrance to Skyline Drive, the first location you encounter in the new Skylin Valley, Appalachia update. If you follow along with the main quest in Fallout 76, specifically the one titled Into Lands Unknown, you will naturally meet Craig. Speak to Craig and he will task you with the objective to Gather Personal Effects for Craig. More specifically, he wants you to collect three items that hold sentimental value to him as they belonged to friends of his.

Where to find Miles’ Hat

The first item on your list is Miles’ Hat, located at Makeout Point near the bottom of the cliff. Head to Makeout Point, as is marked on your map. Be careful, as this area is home to strong enemies that can quickly overwhelm you. Once there, approach the foot of the cliff where you’ll find the hat on the lower ledge. Pick up Miles’ Hat to complete the first part of this objective. Follow the bloody trail and you’ll find the body of Miles’ above, which is where you need to signal a flare as part of this objective.

Where to find Rob’s Journal

Next, you need to retrieve Rob’s Journal which is located in a tunnel on the road south of Makeout Point. Follow the road south from where you are now until you reach the tunnel. Search the tunnel and you’ll find a barrier with S.O.S. on it and a lantern, alongside Rob’s body as well as his Journal. Once you find Rob’s Journal, grab it and make sure you send up a flare at Rob’s body.

Where to find Rebecca’s Holotags

Open the map and look for the nearby Dark Hollow Manor location. The last item on the list is Rebecca’s Holotags, which is found at the entrance gate to Dark Hollow Manor. As you approach, the holotags are found near the entrance on the right side of the gate. Once you’ve collected Rebecca’s Holotags, look for the blood puddle surrounded by dead Lost bodies. Send up the final flare and you will complete the Into Lands Unknown quest.

Into Lands Unknown quest rewards

After you gather personal effects for Craig in Fallout 76 and complete the Into Lands Unknown quest, you get the following rewards:

  • Aid items
  • Caps
  • Grenades
  • Plan: Shenandoah park sign
  • XP

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