How naughty: ‘Lost’ Command & Conquer Generals mission now downloadable

To celebrate the sixth anniversary of Command & Conquer Generals, EA has decided to open the vaults and let fans finally play a “controversial” Global Liberation Army mission that wasn’t included when the game originally launched.

The mission, which is apporpriately named “Black Sheep,” was supposed to be the third GLA campaign scenario. It involved players using a Toxin Tractor to spray a deadly corrosive agent on a town that’d been “corrupted beyond salvation” by the United States’ propaganda.

Yeah, I can see why the developers decided not to include that on the C&C Generals disc. But flash forward to six years later, and now we can all of a sudden handle wiping out towns with toxin-spewing tractors without being looked down upon.

Getting the mission is as simple as downloading it from this Web site right here. Have at it, Dtoiders.

Jordan Devore
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