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How did our E3 09 real life psychic predictions turn out?

2009-06-08 13:20:00·  13 minute read   ·  Chad Concelmo

A few days before E3, I posted a feature in which I visited a real-life psychic named Madame Christine of the Ether here in Los Angeles and asked her to make some real life psychic predictions about what would happen during last week’s huge industry gaming event. The psychic didn’t just give me a list of predictions -- she also gave me a full breakdown of what would happen to the big three companies (Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony) during E3 and into the rest of 2009.

The results were, to say the least, absolutely fascinating.

But how accurate were her predictions? Did Madame Christine genuinely know what she was talking about, or did she trick me into being a believer by using all her mystical crystals and psychic crazy talk?

Hit the jump for a full, graded breakdown of what she got right and what she got wrong. The results are pretty shocking.

(If you haven’t seen the predictions post, you can click here to read it in its entirety.)

First up is the Tarot Card reading results.

Madame Christine did three, full Tarot Card readings for Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony concerning what each company’s E3 presence would be like and what would happen to them for the rest of 2009.

Here is a breakdown of how accurate she was:

Of the ten card readings for Nintendo, these were some of the predictions I found most interesting:

Card #5 – The Empress
Nintendo’s outlook of the future is bathed in negativity. The Empress is a romantic card, but she foresees disappointment.

Although I am baffled by this reaction, a lot of people seemed disappointed in what Nintendo offered at its press conference. Even though two new Mario games, a new Metroid, a DS Golden Sun, and many other great games were announced, a majority of E3 attendees wanted more.

Card #6 – Seven of Wands
Creative conflict. Nintendo’s current situation holds a lot of creative conflict. Instead of new games, a lot of sequels and remakes will be the company’s focus.

Okay, this one is dead on. Nintendo announced a ton of sequels and remakes at E3, with only a couple new IPs making their way onto the show floor.

Card #8 – Nine of Swords
Nintendo is going to have a hard time selling their products this year when compared to the past. This has a lot to do with the company’s internal attitude; stubbornness; not giving the consumer what they want.

I am not buying this one yet. The fiscal year is obviously just started, but given the turnout at the Nintendo booth (in particular things like Wii Fit Plus and Wii Sports Resort), I can’t see Nintendo having a bad year financially.

Card #10 – Two of Wands (reversed)
There are not going to be a lot of new, ground-breaking games coming from Nintendo. Look for a lot of variants on things you have seen before.

Again, with all the sequels and remakes, this prediction is shockingly accurate.

All in all, I give Madame Christine’s Nintendo Tarot Card reading a B.

Now let’s move on to Microsoft.

These are the cards I found most fascinating for the Microsoft reading:

Card #1 – The Chariot
Microsoft is currently moving in a very balanced direction -- nothing too risky, nothing too safe. As of now, the company is all about balance.

With safe announcements like Crackdown 2 and Left 4 Dead 2, this prediction is pretty accurate in regards to Microsoft’s E3 as a whole.

Card #5 – Queen of Wands
E3 will mark a creative change for Microsoft -- one that will continue into its future. The company will focus on more original content.

Card #6 – King of Pentacles
Microsoft has recently made an effort to do something against its status quo. This could mean a new direction in the future.

Both of these card readings are fairly similar. And even though they kind of contradict the first prediction, Microsoft did announce a handful of original, unique games, like Shadow Complex. Again, this prediction is pretty good.

Card #9 – Page of Wands
This year Microsoft will release a videogame that no one has ever seen before. It will be very revolutionary for the industry.

Wow. Wow, wow, wow. Of all the predictions, this one blew me away the most. When I first heard Madame Christine say Microsoft would announce something “revolutionary” at E3 I couldn’t believe it -- of all things, Microsoft is not known for anything truly groundbreaking. But after the announcement of Project Natal (Microsoft’s truly revolutionary motion sensing technology), all of this changed. Project Natal was the talk of E3! Seriously, this prediction gives me chills. Call me a believer!

Card #10 – Five of Cups
Microsoft is heading in a very positive direction. People have a lot of unrealistic expectations about what to expect, but this is the year Microsoft will be a “dream factory” and hopefully meet a lot of its inflated promises.

Again, this prediction is spot on. Microsoft not only lived up to expectations, they easily surpassed them in most people’s eyes.

All in all, I give Madame Christine’s Microsoft Tarot Card reading an A+.

And, finally, how did Sony’s predictions turn out?

Looking back at Sony’s Tarot Card reading, these are the predictions I found the most intriguing:

Card #2 – The Eight of Pentacles
Sony’s current situation is being dictated by money.

No price drop for the PlayStation 3 and a $249 price tag for the newly announced PSP Go? Oh yeah, money is definitely the first thing on Sony’s mind.

Card #4 – The Devil (reversed)
At E3, everyone will be dancing to Sony’s tune. All of its announcements and game reveals will have a big influence on the industry. During the conference, Sony will be a force to be reckoned with. All the bad advice they have been taking will finally remedy itself.

Er, this prediction is a borderline bust. There is no denying that Sony had some great stuff to show at E3 (God of War III, PSP Go, new impressive motion technology), but I don’t think anyone would argue everyone at E3 was dancing to Sony’s tune. This prediction is a stretch.

Card #6 – Seven of Pentacles
Sony will make the most money it has ever made this year.

With God of War III officially pushed to early 2010 and an expensive price point for its hopefully-holiday-season-bound PSP Go!, I don’t see this happening. At all.

Card #10 – The World
The final outcome for Sony is that everything is coming full circle. The company won’t be releasing as much into the market, but because all its software will be such a huge success, it will be making money. People are going to be talking about Sony, and actually want to play the games released on their console more than any other.

This prediction is right and wrong. I think the industry is really excited about Sony and what it showed at E3, but will that translate into huge financial success? That is unknown that this time.

All in all, I give Madame Christine’s Microsoft Tarot Card reading a C.

And now let’s get to the predictions I am the most excited about: the pendulum divination yes or no questions.

After Madame Christine did the Tarot Card readings, I asked her a ton of yes/no questions provided by the Destructoid community about things that may or may not happen at E3. Using a mystical pendulum, Madame Christine of the Ether channeled the sprits and gave me answers to all of the numerous questions.

Here are the results (so exciting!):

KyleGamgee asks: Will Rare announce Killer Instinct for PSN/XBLA?
The pendulum responds: Yes.

This was not accurate.

MrSadistic asks: Will Sony announce The Lost and Damned (GTA IV expansion) for the PlayStation 3?
The pendulum responds: Yes.

This was not accurate.

Pedrovay2003 asks: Will Nintendo announce it is publishing Fatal Frame IV in the US and Europe?
The pendulum responds: No.


SilverDragon1979 asks: Will Capcom announce a new Strider game for the Xbox 360 and the PS3 that will release a couple of months after a remake of the original Strider game for PSN and XBLA?
The pendulum responds: Yes.

This was not accurate … but … I heard some strange rumors on the show floor that this may be true … it just wasn’t announced at E3. Creepy!

SilverDragon1979 asks: Will Nintendo announce a new Star Fox game?
The pendulum responds: Yes.
Wii it have online multiplayer support?
The pendulum responds: No.

Both of these were not accurate. Well, I guess the second one was.

SilverDragon1979 asks: Will Sony decide to add a party system and cross-game XMB voice chat to the PlayStation 3?
The pendulum responds: A strong yes.

Nope. Sorry, Madame Christine.

SilverDragon1979 asks: Will Sega announce a new, current generation Ecco the Dolphin game?
The pendulum responds: No.

Correct! Although, that makes me sad.

Tubatic asks: Will a new Mega Man 2D side-scroller be announced?
The pendulum responds: Yes.

Again, this was not accurate, but I wouldn’t count this out … yet.

AKK asks: Will No More Heroes 2 be playable?
The pendulum responds: Yes.

This was not accurate.

eternalplayer2345 asks: Will Rare announce Blast Corps 2?
The pendulum responds: Yes.

I think we all knew this one was not going to come true.

eternalplayer2345 asks: Will Sin and Punishment 2 finally get a release date?
The pendulum responds: Yes.

Well, an exact release date wasn’t mentioned, but early 2010 was confirmed. I say correct!

Mirax asks: Will the new Zelda game for the Wii be at least mentioned?
The pendulum responds: Yes.

Correct! And some art from the game was released as well!

Bluexy asks: Will Square-Enix finally announce their new MMO?
The pendulum responds: Yes.

Correct! And that game is Final Fantasy XIV!

Bluexy asks: Will Heroes of Telara, from Trion, be the surprise hit MMO announcement?
The pendulum responds: Yes.

Correct! I wouldn’t necessarily call it a “hit,” but it was talked about at the show.

Sweetchuck asks: Will LostWinds be announced as a full retail game?
The pendulum responds: No.


FalconReaper asks: Will Square Enix announce the release date of Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days?
The pendulum responds: Yes.
What about Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep?
The pendulum responds: No.
Or better yet, will they announce Kingdom Hearts 3?
The pendulum responds: No.

Okay, these are impressive. When Madame Christine said that only one Kingdom Hearts game would be focused on I found that very odd. Turns out, this was 100% true. Only Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days was shown at E3 and it did get a release date: September 29, 2009 in the US!

HarassmentPanda asks: Will Sony drop the price on the PlayStation 3?
The pendulum responds: A very weak yes.

This was wrong (they didn’t announce a price drop), but I like how Madame Christine said “a very weak yes.” Too funny.

Takeshi asks: Will there be any HUGE unexpected exclusives revealed?
The pendulum responds: Yes.

Correct! There were almost too many to count (Final Fantasy XIV, Left 4 Dead 2, etc.)!

Takeshi asks: Will Microsoft reveal the new Xbox?
The pendulum responds: Yes.

This was not accurate … although maybe she was sensing Project Natal?

Takeshi asks: Will Sony reveal the new PSP?
The pendulum responds: Yes.
What about the rumored PS3 slim?
The pendulum responds: No.

Both of these are correct.

HydroTonix asks: Will Team ICO reveal its new game?
The pendulum responds: Yes.

Correct! And the trailer was unbelievably beautiful.

BS3 Owner asks: Will a brand new Yakuza game for the PlayStation 3 that is set in the West be revealed?
The pendulum responds: No.


DanlHaas asks: Will we see Fallout: New Vegas?
The pendulum responds: No.

You’re on a roll, Madame Christine!

DanlHaas asks: Will Capcom announce yet another retro-style game to follow up Mega Man 9?
The pendulum responds: A strong yes.

Again, this may relate to the Strider rumor I heard. Incorrect, but it could be true soon.

Daxelman asks: Will Platinum Games announce a spiritual successor to Okami?
The pendulum responds: No.


Corak asks: Will a Destructoid editor get lost on the way back to their hotel and meet another strange homeless person?
The pendulum responds: No.

Whew! Correct!

Corak asks: Will there be swine flu masks for sale at inflated prices, perhaps branded with developer logos?
The pendulum responds: No.

Correct! Thankfully, the actual swine flu did not make an appearance either.

LK4O4 asks: Will Capcom announce a US version of Tatsunoko vs. Capcom?
The pendulum responds: A strong yes.

Correct! And with five new fighters!

Artemus asks: Will Accolade rise from the grave and announce a new Bubsy game?
The pendulum responds: No.


Puppy Licks asks: Will LucasArts announce a new Full Throttle game?
The pendulum responds: No.


Garrison asks: Will Nintendo release Mother 3 on the DS?
The pendulum responds: Yes.

Sadly, this was not accurate. Sorry, Mother fans.

gatorsax2010 asks: Will all the recent 3D Realms/Duke Nukem Forever revelations turn out to be some elaborate marketing scheme?
The pendulum responds: No.


gatorsax2010 asks: Will 2K have someone in a creepy Big Sister costume roaming the floor?
The pendulum responds: Yes.

Actually, I am not sure if this is correct or not. I didn’t see a Big Sister, but there could have been one. I am calling this one a “maybe.”

CelicaCrazed asks: Is there a Sega Dreamcast 2 in existence?
The pendulum responds: No.

Correct! But if there is one, Topher Cantler must have it!

CelicaCrazed asks: Will a new 2D Sonic game for PSN/Xbox Live/WiiWare be announced?
The pendulum responds: Yes.

This was not accurate.

Tubatic asks: Will Dragon Quest IX make an appearance this year?
The pendulum responds: Yes.

This was not accurate. Where the hell is new info on this game, Square Enix?!

DanGale asks: Will we see anything of a new F-Zero?
The pendulum responds: No.


DanGale asks: Will Mirror's Edge 2 be officially announced?
The pendulum responds: Yes.

Sorry, Madame Christine. This one was not accurate.

DanGale asks: Will a new Treasure game be announced?
The pendulum responds: Yes.
Will it be Project RS3?
The pendulum responds: No.

This one was not really accurate, although Sin & Punishment 2 (a Treasure game) was playable for the first time. I am still going to say “no,” though. Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, Madame Christine.

kagatoASUKA89 asks: Will Modern Warfare 2 be playable?
The pendulum responds: No.

Correct! Only a (very impressive) demo was shown.

Guagloves asks: Will Nintendo announce a Paper Mario game for the DS?
The pendulum responds: No.


Guagloves asks: Will Microsoft reveal a motion controller?
The pendulum responds: Yes.
Will it have a game developed by Rare packed in with the device?
The pendulum responds: No.

Damn, nice job, Madame Christine! Again, this is the prediction that impressed me the most.

Guagloves asks: Will Eternal Darkness 2 get announced?
The pendulum responds: No.


Cowboy TTop asks: Will Assassin's Creed 2 be playable?
The pendulum responds: No.

Correct. It wasn’t playable, but it looked fantastic.

Tha Meat asks: Will Apple be at E3 promoting the iPhone/iPod Touch’s gaming capabilities?
The pendulum responds: A strong yes.

I guess this is correct. There wasn’t a huge presence at E3, but the iPhone was featured in some parts of the show floor.

Eagle 88 asks: Any new information on Valkyria Chronicles?
The pendulum responds: Yes.
A sequel?
The pendulum responds: Yes.
More DLC?
The pendulum responds: Yes.

All three of these were not accurate.

Perri asks: Will Red Steel 2 be playable?
The pendulum responds: Yes.


Perri asks: Will EA announce an exercise game for Microsoft's rumored motion device?
The pendulum responds: No.


Perri asks: Will God of War III be playable?
The pendulum responds: Yes.

Correct! And, man, it was fantastic.

Chad Concelmo asks: Was the recent announcement of the Metroid Prime Trilogy for the Wii planned to coincide with the shocking announcement of a brand new Metroid game?
The pendulum responds: Yes.

Correct! I think we can all agree that Metroid: Other M was one of the most surprising (and most awesome) announcements at E3.

Chad Concelmo asks: Will Pikmin 3 be playable?
The pendulum responds: No.

Correct. *grumble*

Chad Concelmo asks: Even though Ubisoft said there would be no Beyond Good & Evil at the show, will Beyond Good & Evil 2 make a surprise appearance?
The pendulum responds: Yes.

This was not accurate.

Adding all the pendulum divination results together, Madame Christine predicted 40 out of 59 accurately. That’s 68% correct!

Although she got some wrong, I have to admit that Madame Christine and her magic pendulum were pretty accurate with most of these predictions. Now, one could say that a true psychic should get everything right and that anyone could guess yes or no on all of these and get a majority of them correct. I can’t really argue with that point, but I will say this: Madame Christine has trouble with some predictions when I sat down with her. And most of those were the ones that turned out inaccurate. A lot of them (the Project Natal stuff and surprise Metroid game announcement) she answered right away -- it was like the pendulum gave her stronger, more confident predictions for those. And they turned out to be true!

Maybe I am just given Madame Christine the benefit of the doubt? Maybe I was such a disbeliever before all of this that I am clouded by some of the genuinely accurate predictions? Regardless if anything of this psychic stuff is real or no, you have to admit that if we compared Madame Christine’s predictions to the research of a professional analyst, I bet you the results would not be that different. Heck, Madame Christine may have them beat!

Based on her overall results, I am giving Madame Christine’s psychic predictions of E3 2009 a solid B.

What do you all think of these predictions? Did they impress you, or were you expecting more? Which accurate prediction blew you away the most? Do you think someone that knows about the videogame industry could have made better predictions? Sound off in the comments!

Who knows what fate has in store, but I have a feeling Madame Christine may be back to help us out with some psychic predictions for E3 2010.

It's written in the stars.

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