Hour of Power: River City Ransom

Hour of Power has been rather sporadic these days, and I must extend my humble apologies to our readers for our inconsistency. Unfortunately we had such setbacks as Aaron Linde’s illustrious academic career and Nick Brutal’s meglomanical computer which gobbled his Nintendo Power files. Left alone with all this responsibility, I have to admit to feeling overwhelmed — how could I possibly take it on alone? Nintendo Power is a much greater entity than myself. I felt puny in the face of its majesty. In the long run I just decided to give in and let it take me over, like a Penecostal religious ceremony where I run about babbling in tongues about the power of the Almighty Jebus.

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River City Ransom is a great game to replay, hilarious in that it dates itself and still manages to be fun to play anyway. Per the mission of Hour of Power, the complete map for your replaying pleasure is attached. I couldn’t help but notice the actual editiorial just kind of chats about the game’s story, rather than pointing out all the special features and moves. I know it dates me a bit, but I miss that kind of angle in a game article.
RCR has some of my favorite reaction faces ever. For some reason, punching bad guys that scream “BARF!” never gets old. Neither does going to the mall to eat and shop between brawl sessions. I don’t know about you guys, but buying the “scandal mag” always seemed irrestible and mildly naughty to my 8 year old brain. There’s something kind of pleasant and good natured about the whole RCR experience, kind of like beating a guy with a orange Nerf bat — its not like inflicting real pain, but its still pretty rad anyway.
Nintendo would do well to put this classic out for the Virtual Console, but I’m not holding my breath. At the rate things are going, its more likely we’ll get such masterpieces as Hudson Hawk before we get rock out RCR again. In the meantime, bust this golden oldie up on your NESticle and get your ass out to the sauna for some (possibly homoerotic) good times.

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