Horror master Dario Argento lends voice to Dead Space

EA announced today that Dario Argento, arguably the greatest Italian horror filmmaker, will be providing the voice for a character in the Italian release of Dead Space. According to EA’s press release, he’ll be playing a character named Doctor Kyne.

Dario Argento’s career has had him in the roles of writer, producer, director and (with the help of his band, Goblin) music composer of some of the best horror flicks ever made. Suspiria (1977) and Inferno (1980) are classics of the genre that should be required viewing for any fan of gory, scary flicks. He was also considerably involved in George Romero’s seminal work, Dawn of the Dead, as a producer and the editor of the European release.

In a quote from the release, Argento says, “Dead Space truly captures the essence of fear in an entertainment medium.” Considering the source of that statement, horror fans have one more huge reason to be excited for the game.

I know it doesn’t actually affect any version outside of Europe, but this just utterly blows my mind. There probably isn’t a single bit of hype after this that EA could release which would get me more excited for Dead Space now.

Conrad Zimmerman