Horror icon John Carpenter calls the Dead Space remake a great game’

Carpenter weighs in on EA’s latest release on Twitter

Serving as the director and composer for over a dozen horror classics, including HalloweenThe Thing, and The Fog, John Carpenter has secured his role as one of the greatest horror filmmakers of all time. Fans of his films might not know that Carpenter is also something of a gamer, having expressed an interest in the FalloutHorizon, and Borderlands series.

Well, if you missed this detail in the past as I did, now we know that Carpenter is keeping up with the latest horror games, as he took to Twitter (with his aptly-chosen handle @TheHorrorMaster) yesterday to profess his love for EA’s Dead Space remake — more specifically, he called it a “great game!” exclamation point included. With so many games trying to imitate cinema, it’s really cool to know a film legend who sees the legitimacy and artistic value in the interactive medium.

In an interview with AV Club last year, Carpenter also let in on the fact that he wants to make a Dead Space movie. “I could do that,” he said. Not only do I think you could do it, Mr. Carpenter, but I think you’d knock it out of the park. The cold confined indoor space of the Ishimura would be familiar territory for him, especially after helping to create The Thing‘s setting of an isolated Antarctic research site. I think we’re due for another claustrophobic space horror flick, and this franchise would be a match made in heaven with Carpenter.

We’re already in the middle of a flood of gaming adaptations, such as HBO’s The Last of Us series, Amazon’s upcoming Fallout series, and a Borderlands movie. Even amidst all these cool projects, I think John Carpenter’s take on the Dead Space series would put them all to shame.

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