Homemade cartridge-based handheld is called Bacteria

I have absolutely zero ability to build my own custom handheld from scratch, so I don’t have much room to bitch, but I’ve got to say it: Bacteria is among the names that I would most definitely not pick for my project, right next to Spoog, Anal Gland and Bile. Sorry man, got to tell it like it is.
At any rate, that’s where the icky words stop and the awesome starts. You can check out Bacteria’s website, Modded by Bacteria, to see the work in progress on this little baby as well as a multi-platform handheld that is also in the works. The little black plug and play runs about 4.5 hours on batteries. The creator comments on his inspiration:
TV plug’n’play systems have great games on them, but the controls are pretty bad; the systems are also not portable as they need to plug into a television to play a game. With my system, a plug’n’play system is ripped apart and put inside a small game cartridge, which are then interchangeable (like my Multi-Platform system). The controls on my system are very easy to use and the d-pad works far far better than the clunky “joystick” on plug’n’play systems. This is a unique project as the cartridges are interchangeable via my universal cart slot. 
While I think an emulator would be a better choice for me personally, there’s something admirably old school about the ability to play physical copies of the old games you love, and I’m glad to see that in action here. Ever put serious thought towards creating your own system?
[Thanks, Adam]
Colette Bennett