Homebrew makes the DS a professional photography tool

The Nintendo DS homebrew community has become a hotbed of creativity lately. This professional photography application is a perfect example of what can happen when smart people put their minds to making the most out of this portable game system.

Photographer Steve Chapman of PanoCamera loved toting his DS along to shoots for some Mario Kart downtime action on the side, but he did not like toting around his laptop computer, which he needed to to control various functions of his Digital SLR cameras.

He came up with a solution where his DS would function as the camera’s control, using his own software to interface with the camera. His DS essentially became an instant-on computer, letting him do everything the computer could do through the DS’s buttons and touch screen. He even implemented an audio-based camera trigger function using the DS microphone.

His solution worked so well that he is thinking about selling these for Nikon or Canon cameras for about $100. 


Dale North