Home to get an ‘adults only’ section?

One would be naive for thinking that PlayStation Home would not be used by some pervoids in need of yet another cyber outlet eventually, but Sony may just meet them halfway with talk of adult sections for its online service. Sony has promised, however, that this won’t degenerate into the mass gangbang that is Second Life.

“We have the ability to age-protect areas, and I think that’s something that we will inevitably make use of,” explained a Sony spokesman. “So, it’s definitely not Second Life.”

Age protection is not something that is supposed to happen at launch, but when it finally is implemented, there is talk of mature-rated game trailers and a virtual casino, although there’s no talk yet of whether the latter will require real money. Certainly a possibility, and would probably make Sony a lot of cash from total morons. 

Just point me in the direction of the Ratchet & Clank porn and I’ll be sold.

James Stephanie Sterling