Home is where the Rapture is

The guys over at Ripten spied with their little eyes an interesting little logo on the bottom of the PS3 version of Bioshock’s packaging. Right next to the 2K sigil is Sony’s Home emblem. The packaging above was snagged from the UK retail website Game, but the developer in charge of the porting, Digital Extremes, is proudly displaying the very same thing.

What does this mean past the fact that there will be some sort of integration? We have no clue. It could mean as little as an indication of Trophy support, or it could be some magical cross-game experience. Perhaps we will be able to decorate our Home apartments with Big Daddy wallpaper? Or take screen captures from the game to share with others? The best opportunity would be to buy Plasmids to toss out on the community while waiting in line at the movie theatre.

The Bioshock PS3 port is set to hit the streets in mid-October, which is a surprisingly long time away from now. Certainly this would give any developer the opportunity to do something “extra special” with a title. While we await the fantastic news on what Bioshock will bring to Home, tell me what you think it could be.

Also feel free to hit the break for the full picture of the packaging.

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