Home hacking detailed by Telegraph

A few days ago, we ran a rumor that PlayStation Home had been hacked in some way. It seems that some were able to upload images and videos, but it wasn’t clear on whether these would be broadcasted to other users. Some were quick to discount the hack’s severity, but Telegraph says that the vunerabilities were more serious than first thought.

Telegraph details two known hacks. The first sounds like what we reported on earlier, one that uses a combination of the Apache web server and DNS re-direction to allow people to watch their own movies and display images within the game. The other allows users to download any file from the PlayStation Home servers.

The real vunerability and concern is that hackers could use one of these hacks to upload or delete files on the Home servers, allowing others to disrupt or even take down the virtual world.

I’m sure that Sony is on the case right now.

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