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Holy crap, it's Dean Cain! Dragon*Con 2012 cosplay, day 2


Maybe it's just because I keep happening to stumble upon reruns of Lois & Clark lately (no, that's exactly what it is), but I've got Dean Cain on the brain. What a kwinky-dink that he just so happens to pop up in a few Dragon*Con 2012 photos. You lookin' a little pudgy there, Supes!

To recap, Beat Down Boogie is currently attending D*Con in lieu of PAX in order to deliver some pipin' hot photos throughout the weekend. Yesterday was all about Barf, but today it's Dean's turn to shine! And dammit, Stan Lee! Stop photo-bombing every shot!

Pour a forty for Beat Down Boogie on the group's Facebook page. They may not be at PAX in person, but they'll always be with you... right here.

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