Hitman creators form new ‘online multiplayer’ focused dev house, Reto-Moto

The founders of IO Interactive have announced the formation of a new development company called Reto-Moto, which will make an attempt at “redefining the multi-player space.” The creators of the Hitman franchise (and more recently, Kane & Lynch) hope to capitalize on the broadening market of online gameplay.

“We’ve seen the interactive online market develope significantly in the last five years,” said David Guldbrandsen, Chief Technology Officer of Reto-Moto, in a press release issued today. “Fresh from the global success of Hitman, we think our new company Reto-Moto is well placed to capture commercial and creative advantage.” 

Reto-Moto are mum on their first project, but are open to anything, saying that at this stage the company has “everything to play for.” The company’s official projects page is barren, but currently has a playable browser-based Pong clone that has some of the worst paddle AI in the history of videogames. Let’s hope this doesn’t translate to Reto-Moto’s first title.

Nick Chester