Highlights from the Destructoid Community for last week

This week’s gaming setup belongs to Iggy. Iggy has a ton of stuff to the point that he has three TVs in his room. He also loves himself some rhythm games and has at least five guitars, DDR, and even a Taiko Drum Master drum. There’s a lot more to Iggy’s collection and you can see it all on his C Blog.  

The epic PAX FAILCAST finally went up, Necros loves everybody, there are Dtoiders in Saskatchewan, Sh*tty Movie Night is now easier then ever, the CblogRecaps account is up and plenty more happened within the community last week.

The week of 09/29 began with a couple of New York NARP recaps by nintendoll and Zen Albatross. The New York crew got drunk, played Street Fighter IV and went to a Chiptune concert. Also, Disasterpeace sounds amazing.

Necros and King3vbo recorded a special episode of FAILCAST during PAX while in a bar. Needless to say, everyone that appeared on the show was drunk as fuck. The mic gets passed around a lot to the various Dtoiders that were at the bar and we all talked about how amazing PAX was. Then I high jacked the show at the end for a little special called Sharkcast. FAILCAST is also holding a contest where you can win a bunch of PAX swag. Oh, and be sure to check the latest episode with LostCrichton as the special guest. 

The DtoidLA group came together and bought naia-the-gamer a special little present for her birthday last week. 

Merry one year anniversary to Cutie Honey. KAMINA CAKE!

Not shown: A shark eating the dead dolphin

Necros finally got around to making his “OMG I LOVE EVERYBODY” PAX post and it’s easily the longest one of all the ones that were made. Necros reflects on all of the good times and thanks various Dtoiders. Can’t wait for PAX 09!

I … I don’t even know. Jesus, Incredible Edible Egg. 


pedrovay2003 gave us a little update on his friend Travis and thanks the Dtoiders that donated some money. Also, pedrovay2003 owns at Mega Man 9.

Funktastic showed off some of his random swag/gaming haul. Nice. 

Nintendoll tells a very important fact: Makes friends with GameStop employees. You’ll get awesome free shit if you do

Necros lists the completed games for August and September

There are Dtoiders in Saskatchewan

In case you haven’t heard yet, E For All was horrible. I’ll have a recap of the event myself sometime soon, but in the mean time, check out what Dexter345 had to say about the show

Happy birthday Scotty G

manasteel88 continues to be awesome and made another video to go along with a recent episode of RetroforceGO!

Arlnold has taken over Shitty Movie Night. Also, watching movies through Shitty Movie Night is now easier then ever.

Vonrichter has an official site for the Metroid: SR388 fan made Metroid game. A demo should hopefully be coming out soon. This game is going to be so awesome.

Highlights end with the announcement of the new CblogRecaps account. It’s now easier then ever to get a recap of all of the Cblogs made throughout the week.

Hamza Aziz