Highlights from the Destructoid Community for 03/02/08

Today’s gaming rig belongs to DJDuffy. She proudly displays her Rock Band set up, which she’s always on Live with, along with a few real guitars and a tree called Palmala. Hit up her C-Blog for more pictures of her setup.

Here’s week two of the Community Highlights, now with less spelling errors! I’ve added a couple of videos from the C-Blogs into the body as to trick those of you who suffer from the TL;DR syndrome. I’m not creating a limit to how many blogs I pick, but this should be the average length from now on. 

So angusm made several blogs this past week asking what type of Destructoid game he should make. He finally decided to work on a Tower Defense style game. He’s even got some of the coding started! I really like how many Destructoid related games are coming out from you all. Now if only someone would make a hentai game based on the Destructoid staff. 

I touched briefly on Charlie’s master plan of collecting peoples room earlier in the week. There’s a program you can use to take pictures of your room and the program will then put it all together into one panoramic piece. It’s pretty neat and you should contribute yourself. Bug Charlie Suh with your picture so he can add it to the collection.

Justice took it upon himself to figure out what the hell happened to Tristero. Tristero got wind of this and happily gave us an update on what’s going on with him. Don’t be a stranger for too long buddy!

Our lovely European correspondent with tits, atheistium, went to a Ubisoft event where she got to play some Rainbow Six: Vegas 2. Not only that, but she also played some paintball with Ubisoft. atheistium also had another blog this past week that I keep going back to. She found these fantastic Hentai techno music mashups that I can’t stop listening to. The Forcing Fell*tio Mix is my favorite at the moment. I’m a shark, what did you expect?

RioMcCarthy continues to show off her amazing talent each and every week. She’s also showing her undying love for Chad Concelmo. Not only did she make a Dolphin hat, but she made a shirt with Chad’s face on it. P.S. She just opened up an Etsy store where she’s starting to sell the stuff she’s made. Go buy stuffs! 

brecksher recently bought Drawn to Life for the DS and the first thing he drew was Mr. Destructoid. Funny, the first thing I would draw would be a penis. 

Dexter, after recovering from the long drive from L.A. and back, finally got around to recapping the epic NARP that accord last weekend. Among the compromising pictures was this video above of Chad wanting to do certain things to RioMcCarthy.  
Count Grishnack continues to show how great of a writer he is with his new feature called Genre Analysis. In this edition, he takes a look at the FPS genre.
The many talented Virtualgirl shared some fantastic news this past week with us. She just got a job at Game Informer, something she’s been trying to do for awhile now. The only bad news that one can take from this is that she will have even less time to blog now.  
stevephoenix needs to get bored more often. Out of bordom one night, he went ahead and made some Sony Ericsson cell phone themes. Check them out and download them. Anyone want to make some BlackJack II themes? 
Life is good when you have a stalker. Well, that is until they kidnap you and force you to answer some questions, like Sadie G dide. Her “interview” with me gives away some details about me that you may not know about. Such as what I plan on doing when I get to Cancun.  

Teta has started to reveal that he’s an artist! He first drew a few people during the San Francisco NARP. This time, he filmed the drawing processes as he drew Ron Workmeng. Keep drawing Teta, we love artists around here. 
Speaking of artists, bleep is a Photoshopping God. He’s one of the lucky Destructoiders to be a part of a secret e-mailer and praticually every other e-mail from him is some sort of epic Photoshop. This past week, he made a video tribute to Electro Lemon showing that Bleep has more than just Photoshop skills.
The Destructoid Stickam room has been brought back to life! If you want to be a part of it, then check this shit out! Plenty of editors pass through including Mr. Destructoid himself. I can’t wait for the gay rave! 
Podcastle is holding a competition! Wardrox, that green haired cunt, explains what you need to do to win. The prizes look fantastic too. Such as a condm from Wilbo! Hopefully it’s a used condom.
As always, I’ll wrap things up with some birthday shout-outs. Happy Birthday to AngelsDontBurn, Scary Womanizing Pig Mask and happy one year anniversary to unstoppablejuggernaut.   

Hamza Aziz