Highlights from the Destructoid Community 09/28/08

This week’s gaming setup belongs to PeZ. He shows off the various games he has for multiple systems, including the N-Gage. Most impressive of all, PeZ has a Smash TV arcade cabinet. Check out more pictures of PeZ’s collection on his C Blog.  

Chad hates being social, TrailerParkJesus makes some caricatura drawings of some Dtoid staff, TopGearGorilla isn’t a real gamer, some people in Ohio and Toronto want to throw NARPs, Ceark can sew, and plenty more happened within the community this past week.

Highlights begin with happy birthday wishes to Dale North. He celebrated his birthday by making me tasty cookies.

In the Ohio area? Paul Soth wants to hold a NARP in December for Day of the Ninja and if you’re nearby, let Paul know. 

D Sane made a little rap song in dedication to the Mega Man series.

Speaking of Mega Man music, Bwark-Kupo found all of the songs from Mega Man 9 and linked to all the tracks on his blog

balth is in love with king3vbo. 

Chad Concelmo hates people, confirmed. 

Brilliam needs your help! He’s going to Blipfest in New York with his friend and he needs a place to crash. He’ll clean your bathroom if you let him stay with you.  

Geoff, as far as I know, currently holds the top speed record on Concrete Man’s stage in Mega Man 9. You go girl. 

TrailerParkJesus was without power for a few days due to Hurricane Ike, so to pass the time, he ate Spam filled with maggots. Oh, and he also made some AWESOME drawings of some of the staff members of Destructoid. 

Danmartigan found a how to guide on making paper Castle Crashers figures. Edco then went ahead and made himself a green Castle Crasher.

EarthbounderNess is going to be a bit busy moving from California to Colorado so we won’t be seeing him around as much for the time being. Blame Activision. 

TopGearGorilla hates 2D Mario games

At any moment now, Excremento will soon be a proud parent. Good luck and enjoy your many sleepless nights you two! 

Catch a glimpse at what the new Destructoid is going to look like

Chooly wants to host a Toronto/Montreal NARP up in Canada and is trying to figure out how many Dtoiders are actually up in that area. If you’re interested in attending, let Chooly know!

SadokatRegn had some love in her heart so she made a thank you blog to some of the members here at Dtoid. 

FAILCAST, episode beta 16 is up with special guest, LostCrichton. 

Christian Bale, Ace Attorny

Reverend Anthony is full of hate.

Ceark is the master of all sorts of arts and crafts. He needed a new messenger bag, but instead of just buying one, he made one. It was all designed on the fly and looks amazing. 

Happy birthday wishes go out to Y0j1mb0 and naia-the-gamer.  

manasteel88 has been going into overdrive with all of the videos he has been making based on the RetroforceGO! podcasts. Episode 27 and 60 now have videos go with the podcast and you can also download these videos

Vexed alex is taking a break for some reason. I don’t know why. I probably will be seeing him this week so I’ll make him come back. 

mgmgarcia01 showed off his work in progress tattoo that he’s going to have on his arm. So far, it looks really good. Surprising as tattoos usually look like shit. 

Highlights end with the GAMEGOBLIN showing us why he is in fact, a ninja.

Hamza Aziz