Highlights from the Destructoid Community 08/10/08

Today’s gaming setup belongs to Sharpless, and … well, you need help Sharpless. It’s time for you to upgrade and I’m going to help you out. I’ve sent you an e-mail with a bank account for you to transfer as much funds as you can. Then, I will go and buy you a bunch brand new technology so you won’t ever have to be embarrassed to bring a girl to your room ever again. More pictures, including, ugh, pictures of his VCR player on Sharpless’s blog.

This week’s highlights include Necros’ hair, awesome Cosplay, pictures of -D-, a bunch of PAX related blogs, and plenty more that you can check out right after the jump. 

I don’t know what’s more amazing, Necros’ hair or the fact that he was able to write up a long ass review on Soulcalibur IV’s limited edition box. Not only does he write a ton about the freaking box, but he also threw in several photos of himself that are completely jizz worthy.   

aborto thefetus gave a more detailed recount of his adventures while at Comic-Con 2008. He has some awesome pictures of cosplayers, the Gears of War lancer, and a bunch of other awesome. There is also a photo of Niero and Colette’s sweet sweet sweet asses.

Happy one year anniversary to blehman. You shall be raped with love come PAX. 

EarthbounderNess has a lot of free time on his hands. But that’s a good thing as he has an awesome idea for PAX. So far, he has made Chad and Rev. Anthony in Soulcalibur IV. He plans on making more Dtoiders and is going to bring his PS3 to PAX so people can play with the Dtoid themed Soulcalibur fighters.  

Nice cosplay there, ElfAngel7! 

So now that Mr. Destructoid is out of Eternity’s Child, Jim Sterling has made Sir Winston Q. Androidicus to take his place. The penis ears will definitely help raise future review scores.

-D- got his hands on Chinese Democracy by Guns N Roses early somehow and gave us a play-by-play review of the epic fail the album really is. Such a shame, all this hype and it’s garbage. Also, I want free Dr. Pepper.  

Y0j1mb0 gets all cartoony.  

HarassmentPanda tries his hand at comics. I think I missed a meme cause this joke went flying right over my head.  

We have a Age of Booty contest going on right now and Krahsh has made a really great entry for said contest. Damn fine job.

Aerox and bunch of other Dtoiders are making some pre-PAX dinner plans at the The Redwood. A lot of the tables are already filled up and it looks like there’s no more room. That’s OK though. I was planning on having dinner at a local strip joint so anyone not going to Aerox’s dinner can join me! P.S. I’m lying!  

GuitarAtomik is confirmed for PAX! 

A new month has started and that means it’s time to Educate Yourself. This month’s game is Wolfenstein.  

Topher Cantler and the Japanator crew are (were) ready to FRIDAY!!!! 

I’m not linking to this blog because of the content. I’m linking to this blog because of the comment by MechaMonkey. You win best comment of the week, MechaMonkey.  

Nintendoll continues to hype up the Dtoid New York meet ups and she also continues to prove that the most hardcore Dtoiders are in New York as they have continuesly had meet ups more than any of the other Dtoid groups.   

Y0j1mb0 has built himself a little army when it comes to Diablo II. If you’ve been itching to play this game again, hit up Yojimbo’s blog for all the details on how to join up. 

Hamza Aziz