Highlights from the Destructoid Community 07/20/08

I am always insanely jealous seeing anyone that actually own Arcade Cabinets. I won’t be able to die happy until I own a Street Fighter II and The Simpsons Arcade Cabinet. Anyway, maxio098ui is this week’s gaming setup highlight. He has a huge collection of games including tons of imported stuff all contained in a very messy room. Check out maxio’s C Blog for all the pictures of his setup.

The Community Blogs were a bit on the dry side this week as our E3 2008 Community Blog contest made up most of the content this week. But there were some gems here and there including Rio McCarthy’s latest custom hats, a hot picture of -D- and Butmac, CypherVR doing something extremely awesome, a few birthday blogs, and plenty more, all of which that you can check out after the jump. 

Rio McCarthy’s epicness knows no bounds! Her latest hat creations involve some old school Mega Man bosses. They are on sale but this was posted on Monday and they’re mostly long gone. 

Goodwill seems to treat Dtoiders rather well. unstoppablejuggernaut went on a trip to Goodwill recently and scored himself some great retro finds.

nintendoll has made me crave grilled cheese sandwiches in a very bad way. Oh, and check out her recap of the mini-NARP. 

aborto thefetus continues to plan out San Diego Comic Con and has setup a meeting point for all Dtoiders attending to meet up at

Mr. Destructoid as a fighting sprite. Very nice.

free touch made himself a little custom Parappa the Rappa figure. Also very nice.

power-glove has a little project he’s working on and he needs anyone going to PAX to help him out with it. He wants to make a Dtoid themed goalie mask and hope to get on TV when he goes to some of the upcoming New York Rangers games.

Shigeru Miyamoto was so lucky to meet Chad Concelmo.

Such studly studs these two are.

The folks at RetroforceGO! are about to score BIG! CypherVR is sending along some super rare Super Nintendo games just cause he loves them. 

.tiff recapped a bit of her day during E3 2008. What most people didn’t seem to notice about this little video of hers is that she is pretty drunkish. Can’t blame her though, as I was at the Bethesda party last year and well, I can’t actually remember much about the party. Go figure.

Happy birthday goes out to Suff0Cat. Not only did he get this amazing birthday blog by Riser Glen, but the blonde bombshell known as FooLiz also made him a birthday blog. Happy birthday, Suff0Cat!

Happy birthday shout outs also go to Liam2015, the racist Necros, and sevink!

Rio likes to start off the week, and end the week in awesome. She just made a blog showing off her latest hat creation, the Starman. Plus, she has a couple of other hats in stock including one of the Mega Man hates left on her Etsy store.

PsychoSoldier’s is taking a class about art and the subject of videogames came up. The teacher actually likes videogames and thinks of them as art and has asked PsychoSoldier to bring in examples of videogames as art. She needs some help with some suggestions of good examples of videogames as art so if you have a good idea, leave her a comment.

That Geoff, he sure is interesting.

mistic continues to plan out the Euro-NARP for European Dtoiders that can’t sadly make it out to PAX. Mistic needs some information from anyone interested in attending so he can plan this out right so if you’re going, then send him a message with your details.

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