Highlights from the Destructoid community 06/22/08

This week’s game room belongs to aborto thefetus. Most notable about his room is his really old TV — so old that it has wood paneling. He has plenty of videogame stuff, but the greatest piece of his geek collection is all the autographs he has gotten from various stars. Check out aborto’s C Blog for more pictures.

Kif gives us some great new activities to do in GTA IV, Rainbowblack shows off his awesome new tattoo, BunnyRabbit2 makes his own Destructoid helmet, and much more happened this past week in the Destructoid community.

On July 18th, Play! is coming to Baltimore. DtoidBaltimoreDC is starting to organize all local Dtoiders into attending this concert. If you’re interested in going, just hit up the DtoidBaltimoreDC group and drop them an e-mail.

.tiff shares with us her 3D Cat Cards she got as a gift from a friend in Japan. They’re playing cards, but they have cats on them that are in 3D. Japan sure has all the futuristic stuff.

Gynecologist Cobra is now a themo. Oh Ron Workman, what have you done to this poor child? 

Ceark showed off some of the random swag love he received from Niero and Colette earlier in the week. On top of all the stickers and patches, he also got a neat Assassin’s Creed shirt. Least we could do for him for making that amazing Destructoid graphic novel.  

Y0j1mb0 was calling Dtoiders out in Street Fighter II on XBLA and Char Aznable gave us the recap of what went down. Basically, Y0j1mb0 got his ass kicked … OH SNAP!

Happy birthday to Tenro! You can now drink legally and use the alcohol to make it easier on your mind of all the snot-nosed kids you’ll be teaching one day. 

stevephoenix has created new Dtoid-themed cell phone wallpapers for Sony brand phones. Snag them from his blog.  

boatorious wants to set up a Warhammer guild with Dtoiders. If you’re interested, just send boatorious a message letting him know you want to play.

Bored of Grand Theft Auto IV yet? Kif’s got your back. He came up with a top 10 list of some fun time-killing activities to do in Liberty City, ranging from flying as high as possible and then trying to dive into a pool to playing hooker rodeo. Gives me a good reason to start playing GTA IV again.

Happy birthday to masterledz! For his birthday, he wants to give someone else a gift. He has a little contest going on and if you fill out the best answers, you’ll win some nice treats.

craineum is an awesome dad. He came up with a great list on how to use your kids as an excuse to game. Also, his kid is adorable.

Rainbowblack got himself a badass new tattoo. It’s from Final Fantasy VI and looks fantastic.

BunnyRabbit2 and Simmy invaded the Download Festival in England last week. BunnyRabbit2 wanted to go in style so he made his own custom Dtoid helmet. It was made out of an empty beer crate, a cardboard cup holder, tape and lots of IRC quotes. 

aborto thefetus brings us an updated list of all that are going to San Diego Comic Con. If you’re going, let aborto know. Also, I’m still not sure if I can go myself. I really want to, but have no idea where I can crash. And this dilemma sucks even more now that I know that Bruce Campbell is going to be at Comic Con!

You may have seen this on the front page this morning, but I just wanted to bring this up again here. The new voice actor for Albert Wesker in Resident Evil 5 had a few things to get off his chest in regards to the voice acting news we posted the other week. 

ohgr89 scored big on a recent trip to the flea market. I need to find a flea market near me, damn it.

The chiptunes block party took place last night and Zen Albatross gave us a nice little recap of the festivities. 

Want to be interviewed on Failcast? Then drop coonskin05 a line. Failcast has changed from what it usually is and they’re trying to get more of the community involved. Get in touch with the Failcast team if you want to be part of the show.

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