Hey Ash, Whatcha Playing: Unfunny Father’s Day Digression

I will be as honest as humanly possible: this episode of HAWP isn’t funny, or action-packed, or even particularly interesting to the average viewer. 

Ash and I were going to film a wacky, costume-filled recreation of our favorite videogaming moments with our dad, until we realized they aren’t actually that funny to anyone but us In fact, I tell you this only to explain why Ash is wearing a tie and a moustache. 

Rather than going the zany route, this week’s HAWP is sort of straightfaced and sentimental. If you wanted to check out one of the funnier, zanier, classix, I would not blame you. A digg button for the Ikaruga episode is embedded below, in case you’re into that sort of thing.

Anthony Burch