Heroes: The Mobile Game or as I call it, the game I never knew I wanted

Gameloft is all up in the cell phone gaming market and one of the things they especially love to do is take popular TV shows and turn them into mobile gold (Lost, Desperate Housewives, etc.). The latest step toward market saturation is the announcement of a cell phone game based on the hit NBC show Heroes called, now get this, Heroes: The Mobile Game. My Lord, how utterly epic. Gameloft hasn’t released much in the way of details, but here’s the standard PR message delivered to us:

Recreating the mind-bending universe of the television phenomenon of 2007, Gameloft®, a leading developer and publisher of games for mobile phones, today announced an exclusive worldwide licensing agreement with NBC Universal to develop and publish Heroes: The Mobile Game.

“‘Heroes’ has created a large, die-hard fan culture and we are excited to bring the action and intrigue of NBC’s leading drama series to gamers and ‘Heroes’ fans alike,” said Gonzague de Vallois, vice–president of Publishing, Gameloft.  “With an international cast and rapidly growing international level of success, Heroes has achieved a massive global appeal and as such, Gameloft is the perfect publisher to deliver Heroes: The Mobile Game worldwide.”

Mmmm, are you excited? I can’t wait to finally play the role I’ve been dying to: a cheerleader. 


Robert Summa