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The path to victory begins here

If you picked up Street Fighter 6 today, then chances are that you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by all of the characters, modes, mechanics, control systems, and more. It’s understandable, fighting games are not easy. In fact, they’re one of the hardest and most skillful genres in the whole of gaming. Always have been.

Victory isn’t a matter of learning the biggest combo and performing it over and over again. It’s a long road of building upon yourself, learning the intricacies of the characters, learning what to do, and — equally as important — when, where, and why to do it. But while I will never claim to be a fighting game expert, I can at least help you to start finding your feet, and the rest is up to you and your patience.

Below are several individual guides written for Destructoid, but collated here for your reading pleasure. They focus on the new mechanics of Street Fighter 6, specifically the Drive Meter, while also taking a look at instances such as Burnout, and offering advice on characters that you should check out. None of these guides explain How to Win Online, no guide can tell you that, regardless of its “shocked face” thumbnail.

Winning comes as a result of playing better moment-to-moment. Learn to do that, and winning follows automatically. Wishing you luck on your journey with Street Fighter 6. This article will be updated over the coming weeks as more guides are added. Don’t get disheartened, go at your own pace, and understand that losing is part of improving.

But do accept the hardest pill to swallow in fighting games: You have to put in the practice.

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