Help fly Gabe Newell to Australia

Why does Gabe Newell need to go to Australia? Need is probably too strong a word, but Joe, a Left 4 Dead campaign creator, wants him and Erik Johnson to fly to Brisbane to check out his campaign. See Joe had been in touch with Gabe here and there. Then he heard that Valve had flown the Left 4 Dead 2 boycotters out to check out the game. He, however, had never been invited and Gabe and Erik had never been able to check out his campaign. So he emailed Gabe and said, “Why haven’t I been invited to Valve? I mean you guys need to check out my campaign.” 

Newell responded with, “We are boycotting your campaign.” Logic then dictated to Joe that this means that he has to fly Gabe and Erik to Australia to show them his campaign as they had done for the Left 4 Dead 2 boycotters. He didn’t have the money though, so he decided to raise the funds via the internet to get Gabe and Erik to the outback. He started on September 10 and now has over $3,000 for the effort. Of course that is way more than he needs, so all extra proceeds are going to Child’s Play. You can still donate, but all Joe is really waiting on is a response from Newell about if they can actually fly out to Brisbane. Judging from the email discussions the two have already had this could actually happen.

Matthew Razak