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Hellblade will release on PS4 and PC at the same time


Digital only

Ninja Theory's (Enslaved, DmC) upcoming moody action game Hellblade will have the same release date on PS4 and PC, the company announced today on Twitter. The actual date has not been revealed.

That might go a good way towards ensuring the, "about 300K units [needed] to make its money back," as Ninja Theory's Dominic Matthews told me at gamescom in an interesting chat about the tenability of big-budget, high-fidelity development. Hellblade is the team's first independent game and it is only getting a digital release.

I enjoyed chatting about Ninja Theory's aim for Hellblade and I enjoyed playing it as well, early state that is was in. It has some interesting ideas on a small, intimate scale, but with AAA-style polish. The team regularly releases development diaries you can follow if inclined, too.

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