Heavy Rain has gone gold, NA demo date confirmed

Heavy Rain has gone gold! This accomplishment is a thing you should be excited about for some reason, hence me shouting things! Nick tells me the build he got in the mail came on a blue-colored disc, not a gold one. You heard it hear first: SCEA is blue-gold colorblind, if such a thing even exists.

The release date is set for February 23, with a demo — now confirmed for North America — finalized for a PlayStation Network debut on the 11th. Heavy Rain is a weird one for me in that I have no intention of playing it, but I am extremely eager to see reactions from the general gaming public.

Will they go for Quantic Dream’s ambitious method of storytelling that we don’t see much of outside of the studio’s games, or will the more tedious everyday tasks bring down the experience for a lot of players? At this point, I feel like it could go either way.

Heavy Rain Goes Gold, Demo Coming February 11 [PlayStation.Blog]

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