Heavy Rain developer weighs in on Modern Warfare 2

You know what we haven’t heard enough about? Modern Warfare 2‘s “No Russian” level! This time, Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream has decided to weigh in on the controversy surrounding Infinity Ward’s touchy subject material, naturally coming out in full support of the game.

“My take on it is very simple. I don’t see any reason why video games should be treated differently than movies, for instance,” says Heavy Rain producer Guillaume de Fondaumiere. “I think that we should leave game creators free of expressing their vision as they see fit. I think the guys at Infinity Ward had something very precise in mind when they did this scene.

“The real danger for me is, when you put out such a scene out of context. I can take any movie and take a sequence and make up a story and it will look like something that’s amoral or that crosses the line. This is most of the time what happens in video games [in the media].”

Those chaps at Quantic Dream are wise indeed, and that’s why I count them among my favorite developers. Here’s hoping Heavy Rain gets just as many people talking as Modern Warfare 2.

James Stephanie Sterling