Heavy Rain dev doesn’t want you to have a do-over

As we have already discussed, Quantic Dreams’ curious PS3 exclusive Heavy Rain features a system where you can continue the game’s story, even if your starting character ends up meeting an untimely death. This is something that Quantic Dreams boss man David Cage would like you to make full use of.

Although Heavy Rain will offer an ability to replay parts of the game and change their actions, Cage would rather you didn’t — he would prefer you to try out Heavy Rain in one go, and deal with the consequences as and when they arrive.

“Yes, there will be the opportunity for players to replay as much as they want from where they want, but we would really like to encourage them not to do so – to continue to play with one story bearing with the consequences of their actions.

This is what’s exciting about it. This is a story that you told. It’s pretty unique. So why would you want to do everything perfect and change what you’ve done. You will be able to redo what you like but we recommend not to.”

Basically, if you decide to have a do-over for dying or making a mistake, you’re going to bitterly disappoint David Cage. Do you really want to do that? It took him long enough to follow up Indigo Prophecy, the last thing I want is for him to spend years after Heavy Rain doing nothing because you depressed him, you f*cking little wanker.

James Stephanie Sterling