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Hearthstone's Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion available now


Take precautions to prevent chilly ass-cheeks

Digital card-game warriors are sharpening up their screen-stabbing fingers. Knights of the Frozen Throne, the latest expansion to popular Blizzard strategy game Hearthstone, is out now.

This latest addition brings some new solo-content to the game, along with 135 new cards to add to Hearthstone's now-mammoth deck. New game mechanics include Lifesteal, which converts damage dealt into health, and Hero Cards, which will actually replace your player character with a new creature with its own abilities. In this case, it will be the Death Knight.

The new solo content includes three new Missions, essentially replacements for Hearthstone's now-defunct Adventure mode. Players will embark on solo quests to receive free cards, with a Hero Card awarded upon completion of the Prologue. In addition to all of the above, anyone logging-in now will be awarded three Knights packs to get you up and running.

With a reappearance by that cheeky scamp The Lich King, these are certainly exciting times for the Hearthstone community, so grab your deck, get out there, and start dealing some damage.

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