Have you bought Chronotorious yet?

As I’m sure a lot of you know, my favorite game is Chrono Trigger. I play it through at least once a year (often more), constantly listen to the soundtrack, and pretty much exclusively use Chrono Trigger sprites/artwork as my avatar/user icon for all my online things.

What a lot of you may not know is that one of our favorite video game music-making groups, the Bad Dudes, recently put out a CD full of amazing Chrono Trigger mixes. (Full disclosure: Our very own Dale North did a lot of the production work.) The CD is called Chronotorious, and it’s been exclusively playing in my car ever since I got it a few weeks ago. It’s $12 for 16 tracks (one of them is ‘secret’), and the quality of all the remixes is quite impressive. Most of your favorite Chrono Trigger tracks are there, but they’ve also remixed some songs from the game that typically don’t get redone. As much as I love adding yet another Corridor of Time mix to my collection, it’s nice to see neglected songs like Tyran Castle get remade as well. The musical styles vary from song to song, from heavy metal to trance to some cool acoustic guitar stuff, so there’s likely something for everyone in this album.

Here’s the deal though: they only made 1,000 CDs. Right now, there are about 400 left. Once the CDs run out, the music will be available on Amazon and iTunes, but 5 of the tracks are disappearing, and we don’t know which ones. Additionally, buying the actual CD not only gets you all the songs, but you also get a sweet Chrono Trigger poster from the very talented Steph Laberis, as well as some really nice case art from Brianne Drouhard. In fact, the poster is so awesome, not only am I using some of it as my new forums avatar, but Steph actually got hired for an XBL game based solely on the work she did for this CD. Pretty cool, huh?

If you’re a fan at all of Chrono Trigger, I would strongly recommend you pick up this CD. You can place an order (and listen to a lot of the tracks) at the Bad Dudes website. Do it quick, before all the CDs are gone!

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