Hated Beast Rider? Then you suck at games, apparently


Golden Axe: Beast Rider is not a popular game among critics. In fact, with the vast majority of reviewers refusing to give Sega's retro cash-in any more than a 4, you could say that it's been damn near mauled in the press. One man, however, thinks that press was out of line, outraged that the game didn't score more than a 7 across the board. That man is Dave Halverson.

Halverson, a founder of several publications, has called not only the integrity, but the game playing skills of reviewers into question, claiming that the writers (he refuses to call them critics) either played only a fraction of the game, or "just plain suck" at games in general.

The majority of these people (can’t call them critics) either didn’t complete a fraction of the game, don’t understand game design, or just plain suck at games. The words “Hack ‘n’ Slash” are an instant red flag. Beast Rider is anything but. Mindlessly flailing in frustration because you can’t get the game's simple controls/timing down is no way to play the game. Most gamers out there who would buy Beast Rider are far better players than the people rushing through a level or two to write these sad reviews; a sad but ever pervasive sign of the times.

While I agree with Halverson's criticism of "review events" and call for more time to be put into reviews (I try never to review a game without at least three days of decent playtime, myself,) I can't help but be a little aggravated by what he implies. I only got my 360 back from Microsoft, so I haven't played my review copy of Beast Rider yet. However, Halverson's complaints about scores and his claims that reviewers "suck" are no different from the butthurt reactions I've dealt with from trolls in the past who have taken personal offense over a score.

My opinion of people who complain about review scores is that they tend to lack maturity. If a game you like is scored badly, get over it. I don't cry every time Dynasty Warriors gets its inevitable slew of 4s and 5s. This writer makes some good points, but his tone smacks of the kind of people who moan when their favorite games don't get a perfect ten.

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