Harvest Moon: Magical Melody coming to Wii; milking the cow just got WAY hot

In a surprisingly lazy move Marvelous Interactive’s European wing, Rising Star Games, has posted information on its page detailing their plans to Ctrl-C, then Ctrl-V the GameCube iteration of Harvest Moon: Magical Melody to the technologically similar Wii platform. The Internet’s Silconera, who alerted us to this news, also points out the fact that every screenshot, and feature-bullet-point offered by Rising Star just so happens to be smeared with a healthy glaze of last-gen residue in the form of the GameCube control scheme. One would assume they’d want to promote their brand-new motion-based functionality, unless of course it doesn’t exist.

Would Rising Star, a company already exhibiting the sort of laziness that would have resulted in losing a foot only 150 years ago, port a title to the Wii without adding any Wii-specific features? It’s bad enough that the game is going to look exactly the same, but if I can’t pantomime masturbation while milking a cow, chopping down a tree or convincing a local farmer’s daughter to pantomime masturbation, what’s the point?

Earnest Cavalli
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