Halo ODST: learn about the crew, mission and weapons

Halo: ODST is a new Halo experience. You play as an Orbital trooper, a human who hasn’t been injected with the special sauce that Master Chief has. You’re weaker, less combat adept and without an AI. You’ll have to fight the Covenant differently. That spin on combat is what makes ODST a special bit of campaign content. But that’s not exactly all the expansion offers. Bungie is crafting quite the story. Below the fold is the first video documentary for Halo: ODST, featuring details about the crew the rookie is rolling with and what exactly is going on in New Mombasa.

While viewing, you’ll also be able to glimpse a few of the other less fantastic approaches the ODST’s are forced to use against the Covenant. You’ll be introduced to the whispering weapons of ODST, as well as the enhanced HUD components — night-vision, targeting, and an uplink to a New Mombasa map. Stealth is a priority.

It’s cliché, but we’ll say it anyway: ODST is shaping up to be a great title. The only thing it needs — and may already have — is the birthday party skull. Watching heads explode in a spray of confetti with night-vision on? Priceless.

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