Gunfire Reborn is coming to Xbox in October 2022

Gunfire Reborn Xbox

Already out on PC

Gunfire Reborn is already out on PC, having released near the end of 2021 — but now we’re getting a Gunfire Reborn Xbox port, confirmed via the Xbox and Bethesda showcase stream today.

It’s a four-player co-op game with “roguelike action,” in case you were interested. You can “mix and match 40+ weapons, 100+ scrolls, powerful inscriptions and Ascensions to craft builds from devastating Sharpshooters to magic-based Alchemists.” It sounds like a lot of games in recent memory, but one more couldn’t hurt. I mean, it looks like a perfect Xbox Game Pass game.

Four-player co-op and Xbox Game Pass were practically made for each other. In an era where a lot of platforms are still segmented, even with cross-platform play, it’s going to be super simple to just download the game on Game Pass and jump into a session.

Microsoft has had several of these lower key or already-available-on-PC-for-a-bit reveals today like Gunfire Reborn Xbox during their “E3” showcase, but everything goes down so much easier when it’s piled onto a giant subscription. On the flipside, a lot of these port jobs or “wait and see” games aren’t always that heavy-hitting on other platforms.

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