Gun + shoes = Bayonetta “Debut” trailer

Somehow, the designers over at PlatinumGames (formerly Seeds) used their mindbullets to break into my brain and discover my secrets: If the premise of your unproven game is good enough, I will defend it to the death. It’s worked so far with Denis Dyack and Too Human, and the idea of a Miltonic showdown — demons with gunfeet vs angels — is just too good to pass up. Consider me a fan, Platinum. Hook, line, and gory, bloody, beautiful sinker.

Bayonetta is a demon lady (aren’t they all) born in modern times armed with all sorts of jazzy powers that happen to be particularly effective against the angels she has to battle. Appropriately, she’ll also be wielding edged melee weapons (hence the name). Did you get all that? Jazzy powers, swords, and guns attached to her goddamned feet.

Speaking with IGN, creator Hideki Kamiya shed a teensy-weensy bit of light on the new project, mentioning that it will have a stylish, cinematic feel to it, with special attention to how and when the action peaks: “In any sort of cinematic presentation, one of the most important parts of the entire event is the climax, and that’s a very key concept in Bayonetta itself.”

He also mentioned that, just because Bayonetta is technically an angel-killing succubus, she’s not all bad. “It’s not intended for her to be on the evil side or necessarily be the antihero. She does have her reasons for doing these sorts of things,” he says. 

Well, color me intrigued. Bayonetta doesn’t have a release date just yet, but it’s set to come to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Did I mention that she has guns? And that they might be attached to her feet? I covered that part, right? Good.

[Via IGN; thanks goes out to Aerox for helping me track some of this stuff down]

Joseph Leray