Guitar Hero III details revealed: online play, wireless guitars confirmed

When Guitar Hero III was quietly (and maybe accidentally) announced last week no other information was available other than the fact that it would be released for all major consoles (Wii, PlayStation 2/3, Xbox 360).

Now, according to a Gamespot interview with Red Octane, some interesting details about this anticipated sequel have been revealed.

First off, I would have bet my first born child that the chance of Wii online support was slim to none. To my chagrin, the game is now confirmed to not only include some form of online play, but downloadable content as well. While my wallet is not very psyched for the latter, just the fact that third-parties are offering these features on the Wii is exciting (and surprising) news.

Hit the jump for more details, including info on the brand new (wireless!) guitar controller.

In response to questions about the new peripheral, Red Octane had this to say:

We’re planning a lot for our new guitars for Guitar Hero III. First of all, the one feature that fans have been asking for the most is that, yes, they’re going to be wireless. So now fans can finally rock out in their living room and jump off their couches and do all the crazy rock star stuff that they haven’t been able to do in the past. And then, what we’re doing with the guitars is there’ll be a new shape and there’ll be new colors. And what we’re also looking at in addition to all those features is creating some more interesting guitars that are higher end, and some of them will be made out of wood, and so they’ll actually feel like a real guitar.

Whether these guitar enhancements will apply to all versions is still unclear, but the fact that I can now “rock out in my living room” is super rad. To me, that’s what was lacking in the last Guitar Hero games. I can’t wait to look like more of a fool during a hardcore Dokken solo.

What do you think? Are you excited about Guitar Hero III? How do you feel about these new details? Are there any kind of Wii-specific features you would like to see utilized (built-in Wiimote speaker FTW!)?

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