GTA IV. October. Confirmed.

Here it is you little trouble makers: According to a conference call from Take Two, Grand Theft Auto IV will be released for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in October. Though, we pretty much already knew a fall release date was in the works, we at least now know which month it will be.

In other Take Two news, the company is losing a ton of money. From Next Gen:

Take-Two has restated its financial results for 2006 with a Q4 loss of $14 million, compared with profits of $19 million the year before, it has reported an annual loss of $185 million. The company took a big hit from its legal expenses related to an investigation into its stock option practices – $5.5 million went to the lawyers. But sales were down from $306 million to $266 million, which the company blamed on the console transition.

Milk that GTA cow Take Two! Milk that damn cow! 

Robert Summa