GTA IV hops on the ‘special edition’ bandwagon

Can’t get enough of those wonderful special editions? We at Destructoid can’t. We won’t even eat unless the food is a limited edition in some way, shape or form. Y’know, things like endangered bird eggs or kids with terminal illnesses. To be more pertinant though, we only play special editions of videogames, which is why the fact that Grand Theft Auto IV’s getting one is such a delight.

Want to know what your bloodstained, ill gotten money is buying on October 16? Of course you do. Hit that jump to get a list of the goodies supplied with the next big Jack Thompson masturbatory aid. 

The special ed (edition, not education) will retail for the regal sum of $89.99 

GTA IV special edition includes:

– Custom metal safety deposit box, because it ain’t special unless it’s cold, hard steel.
– Special packaging with the game itself. The word special means it’s special.
– Selected soundtrack CD with music from “top artists” … so no Sparks or ELO I guess. Sadness.
– Rockstar keychain for your deposit box keys.
– A limited edition Rockstar duffel bag, for storing all your duffels in.

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