Grounded is FINALLY coming out of early access in September


September 2022 is the full release

Microsoft provided new Grounded footage today at the Xbox and Bethesda showcase, providing a ton of gameplay: oh and a dang release window!

After what feels like 68,000 years of early access, Grounded is coming to PC and consoles (and Game Pass) in September 2022. Here’s what Jordan had to say about it two years ago when it first hit early access:

“Thinking further ahead, a better sense of character progression, more refined base construction, deeper combat, and more biomes and traversal gear will go a long way. If Obsidian can make the most of its ingenious setting (and take a few storytelling cues from Subnautica), we’ll be in luck.”

A lack of firm storytelling is easily one of my big pet peeves for survival games, and the trailer below does give us some hope on an expansion at launch as well as potentially beyond on that front. The game has shored up a bit in every respect in the past few years, so it’ll be a blast to see it all take shape all at once in 1.0.

I’ve been largely holding off on this one until the actual full game comes out, so this is one of the most fun announcements out of this E3 week.

Chris Carter
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