Greenpeace makes commercial pointing the finger at console makers

Greenpeace recently drew some not-so-peaceful press in Nintendo’s direction by stating that the Wii was bottom of the barrel when it came to enviromental compliance. Not satisfied with just doling out a poor rating, now this video has popped out which portrays Master Chief, Mario and Kratos (wretchedly voiced, may I add) encountering their worst enemies: the consoles themselves.

If you can watch this entire video without wincing or facepalming, I’ll buy you a drink next time I see you (feel free to take me up on this at any public gaming event in 2008.) I am in full support of being enviromentally aware, but wasn’t the chart released on the Greenpeace Web site blatant enough? Was this corny commercial necessary?

There’s a whole Web site too, which I’d advise you peruse only if you’re feeling ready for some serious bullsh*ttery. The next thing you know, every hippie that’s somehow wandered out of his own pot smoke and into the 21st century will be harassing me at E3 about owning consoles and pleading that I build them out of sticks and organic bird feces instead.

[Via Gemaga]

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