Greenberg: Kinect will sell 3 million units this Xmas

Microsoft minister of propaganda Aaron Greenberg has high hopes for Kinect, and why wouldn’t he with all the advertising money being pumped into it? The executive in charge of corporate demagoguery has declared that Kinect will sell over three million units this Christmas.

“Our key indicators are feedback from retailers — I think you’d be surprised at how sophisticated they are, and they really have the pulse of the market. They’re looking at preorders, they’re talking to customers,” says Greenberg. “Our estimates that we will sell in excess of 3 million units this holiday.”

Greenberg also says that his company is spending “hundreds of millions of dollars” in marketing, with a budget that exceeds that of the original Xbox 360 launch. Of course, Justin “face like a monkey/fish crossbreed” Bieber isn’t cheap.

Are you planning on jumping around your house like a fool in front of the TV this Christmas?

Kinect will sell three million units this Christmas, says Greenberg [VG247]

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